Review of Current Happenings

How do you feel about the current changes. Share your thoughts on the stable coin, hard cap, DAO and DEX

Read the CEO’s letter and share your views.A letter to the community. The path to Ambrosus 3.0 | by Lang Mei | Jun, 2022 | Ambrosus Ecosystem

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I did not find this part on the hard cap in the letter. Also, it would be nice to know how exactly this stopping of the HBB will affect inflation/token generation in the future. Otherwise, there is a lot of positive things to look for. Thanks for the great work!

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Even though it wasn’t mentioned, its announcement may even come earlier than some other stated projects. It is a thing in the mind of the CEO to help cut the downtrend.

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Just read the article. I personally think the changes are good. But what I particularly like is that the new CEO is adapting to the market and not sticking rigidly to old structures. I hope the changes bring the expected success. :+1: