How consensus algorithm affect community building

Well, here I decided to share something that came on my mind. Dependances of consensus algorithm and community forming are clear to me. Take Bitcoin, for example. Classic PoW, where community cooperates mostly on an outer level due to PoS specificity - there is not much to do “inside” of the network. Yes, there are core devs, but it’s more of a “closed community”, still you may apply your suggestion to the network.

If we come with a PoS/PoA, things get more complicated yet interesting. Almost anyone can deploy a node. I mean a node that matters within network, not just a “bitcoin-type” node. Next step - DAO, that is unseen (or maybe even impossible, but I am not sure) for PoW. DAO is actually a superstructure above PoS/PoA consensus, to deliver tight connection between a network itself and its community.

These things got me the last few days. I even try to extrapolate these concepts to a real life and found a lot of similarities.

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Dude, that’s a very smart point. And i believe Ambrosus pick its way in a very longterm concern.