AMB/ETH Bridge proposals

Hey guys, so after a couple of days the Ambrosus bridge page shows that the transaction succeeded. But when I want to see the transaction on the explorer, it says that something went wrong and it can’t find the transaction. Here are some screenshots:

What is the issue here?

Thanks in advance!

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there is no explorer for ambrosus devnet. The Bridge-test instead already links to the ambrosus main-net explorer, which will be correct once the bridge is live on main-net. But since the beta-test is on the test net (devnet) the main-net explorer doesn’t have any entries of our transactions on devnet.

But this basically isn’t a real issue from a technical point of view. Although I admit it would have been a good thing to do to make this link pointing to a “there is no devnet-explorer”-page instead of leaving the beta-tester with a feeling of that there’s something wrong. And it actually would take just a few minutes to implement this… but it might be considered as “not a priority:sweat_smile:


Every is fine and beautiful UI of the bridge that really attacks me to not leave the smooth UI, But there one issue that i encounter is that, ‘the reversible icon’ to instant change the ETH and AMB, is not working.

Bridge was amazing ambrosus to ropsten bridge going very fast take 1 to 3 min but ropsten to ambrosus taking much time hope mainnet it will be fixed over all good experience
My twitter url

Amb address

I tried it and everything went well, easy to understand UI, just waiting for its mainnet launch

The UI/UX is very good and with easy accessibility, transaction from bridge AMB network to ETH Reposten network is fast asnmy tokens reflect upon transaction but bridging from Reposten to AMB, transaction takes time and even tokens don’t reflect after several ours and transaction would have been successful

i have feedback for testnet
this is very fast bridging on Ethereum Network
big thanks to dev and team for creating ambrosus brdige.

interacting wallet: 0x6f3c85d8A72EF5eE5eB1847783F173503391C80c


how to end it, trade from last night

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I think the bridge is perfect, it doesn’t take much time or transaction delays, the rest is a good suggestion for the background display to add dark and light, one more language addition, thank you for the testnet

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hello, big thanks to dev and team for creating ambrosus brdige.
1.key MAX not working,
2. when clicking on “transaction history” and clicking back to ambrosus instructions, I have to choose more wallets to connect, this takes a long time for users.

this is my response, thank you


My WETH transactions from ropsten to devnet are still pending after about 30 hours. They went quite fast to stage 3, but there they seem to be stuck.

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@nguyenha96 @nejimakiya
I just have a new insight: The max-button DOES cause an action: It does reset the input field to “0,0” in case of already having put in a number. :clown_face:


I think bridge from AMb to ropsten so fast but for bridge from ropsten to Amb need more time to wait like 2+ hrs i think thats so long time
And sometimes balance on ropsten still load so i just wait and can’t do anything
And one more… max botton not working

It certainly works that way.
I imagined the behavior as if the process of getting the current Balance value into an internal variable failed and the initial value of the variable was set as the MAX value.

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is it meant to proceed with Stage 3 while Stage 2 is still waiting for confirmations?

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I have recently use this bridge happy to use easy user interface not facing any issue smooth interface


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Transaction speed is so amazing but i think showing pending status since a long.


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Hello project team! Let me send my best wishes to you.
I’m so excited to hear about your project via discord, I’ve been following your project and I’m so excited to be part of your first product experience.

During the testnet, I transferred 1 ETH from the Ethereum Ropsten network to Ambrosus Devnet at 22:02:34 on 04/26/2022. Today, When I check the transaction it is still “pending”. Transaction on ropsten network completed, you can check Ropsten Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan but transaction on Ambrosus Devnet has not started. My testnet wallet: 0xEf77CEcbA33Ae63Efff6c2517a9b16186355e4e8. I have attached pictures.

According to your information, the transaction will be completed after about 5 minutes to 4 hours, but as of now it is almost 2 days but the transaction has not been done yet. I am informing you of this matter.

Finally, I wish the project more success.
Best regards!!


Transfer of token from Ethereum Ropsten to Ambrosus Devnet is extremely slow, more than four hours now. Although transfer from Ambrosus to Ethereum Ropsten was done even before 4hrs.

Wallet address: 0xEbCC3792B435FB8cBF0Ad5D9C3939B829dF0c617

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Fast easy and simple. I like it

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